SYINConnect '08: Programme Booklet

Front Cover:

The main design inspiration came from the idea of the forum's main objective, which was to provide youths with clarity in a world of discourse surrounding an confusing number of issues.

Contents Page:

In line with this minimalist, clarity-driven aesthetic, the contents page reflected the order of events of the conference itself, setting apart morning and afternoon events.

Plenary Spread:

This and the next image serves as the spread describing the plenary sessions. Again, the symbolism behind the layout is one of unity and connectedness, speaking to the hope that participants synthesize their knowledge and collaborate to make social change.

Plenary Spread

Workshop Overview:

Prior to the start of a set of pages enumerating workshop descriptions, an overview page is used to help prepare the reader for what's to come. Each workshop is identifiable by a single photo or image that is symbolic of the theme of the workshop.

In line with the collaborative nature of the project, all photos were obtained either with authors' permissions, or were used with a copyleft agreement displayed at the end of the booklet.

Workshop Page:

As with the contents page, workshop pages were laid out according to the time of day they were held. This page shows one of an afternoon workshop. Note the use of the symbolic photo as mentioned earlier.

The page number on the black tab at the side of the page also helps to section sets of pages semantically, with the location of the bar changing over different sections.




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